Your Guide to Happy, Healthy and High Performing Employees

The tech rush is booming in Toronto, becoming the fastest-growing tech-jobs market in 2017.

Despite adding almost 30,000 new jobs, the demand for A-list talent in this scorching hot market continues to leave little elbow space for startups that aren’t primed to recruit, captivate and retain talent.

When companies are in place to expand, it becomes a race to bring on board the best players. And in this competitive landscape for candidates, it means that the most desirable ones are receiving multiple offers.

After salary and growth opportunities, employee health benefits plans play a vitalrole in attracting and retaining startup employees. And the ones that offer a robust plan that supports the needs and lifestyles of young startup employees have an advantage.

The truth is that a crippling inability to hire high-quality candidates can set a company back a year. And despite the wealth of benefits and urgent need to offer employee health plans –many startup founders don’t know where to start.

The Startup’s Guide to Attracting and Retaining Happy, Healthy, High Performing People shares insights and expertise from a trusted, experienced benefits insurance broker, Chris Gory, who specializes in benefits plans for startups and advice from fast-growing startups like Wattpad and CrowdRiff that offer employee health benefits.

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