Skip the line at the pharmacy with free delivery and automatic refills.

Enable your team to skip the line at the pharmacy

Mednow is an accredited and licensed pharmacy and can deliver all medication. With the Mednow app, book appointments, speak to an expert pharmacist, and manage medications and refills for the whole family—from young kids to aging parents.

  • Personal virtual care,
  • Quick, free prescription delivery,
  • Simple, smart pill packs,
  • Automatic refills.

Explore the pharmacy plan that puts your people first.

Give your members easy online access to doctors, pharmacists, mental health, and holistic care, all while controlling your plan costs. Mednow works with you to tailor a preferred pharmacy program that all members and all plan sponsors will love.

Your employees and your balance sheet will love The Mednow Pharmacy difference

Mednow will work with your team to design a pharmacy program that your employees and your balance sheet will love. They give you the tools to control costs without compromising member wellness or experience.

Why organizations choose Mednow:

  • A collaborative approach to building your organization’s ideal preferred pharmacy plan.
  • Data-driven personalization to optimize health programs, engagement, and outcomes leading to increased plan savings.
  • Seamless employer and member onboarding, real-time in-app chat, text and phone-based pharmacy support, and fast, free, often same-day delivery for your members.
  • Medpay incentives to help your employees save on their out-of-pocket costs and drive adoption.
  • No cost to add Mednow to your benefits plan!

Give your employees the Mednow advantage

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