Seedwell is a Toronto-based fintech company specializing in employee financial wellness benefits. With personal finance generally intimidating or complex for most employees, the Seedwell Financial Wellness Portal focuses on solving the implementation gap in financial planning. Employees are guided through actionable learning, with checklists and progress trackers to make changes in their financial life immediately.

The on-demand content is created by financial experts and is designed to appeal to all types of learning styles and preferences. There is a customization engine where employees can choose their interests, complete a financial literacy quiz, and receive evolving playlist recommendations similar to Netflix, YouTube, etc. The playlists are organized around different topics/life stages and contain graphic-rich videos, quizzes, articles, and calculators. The platform also offers live webinars on a monthly basis, where employees can enjoy an interactive experience on any requested topic.

Whether you’re a sophisticated investor or just starting your learning journey, everyone can find personalized solutions with Seedwell.

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