The Smart Benefit

Financial stress can take a toll on your team. The Smart Benefit helps your employees pay down Student Loans and Repayment Services for total financial wellness.

Attract and retain talent with financial wellness plans

More and more companies are looking at healthcare and happiness as an investment — because the number of increasing sickness days, leaves of absence, presenteeism, and serious illnesses can damage the organization. Employer benefits that help with debt are missing in total financial wellness.

63% of employees and job seekers surveyed say benefits are a top factor in accepting or staying in a job.

Unsurprisingly, absenteeism and presenteeism due to financial stress can result in higher employer costs. Others have to pick up the slack, there could be a drop in morale, higher rates of turnover, and the cost of bringing new people into the organization can ramp up considerably.

Help your employees pay down Student Loans (now!) or Mortgage Debt (coming soon!) with flexible plan contributions.

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