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2015 Employee Benefits Companies

Quick question for you: How many different insurance companies are there in Canada, that provide employee benefits coverage?

Five? Try again.

Ten? Still not there.

Twelve? Getting close.

Would you believe that there are more than 14?

Every April, Benefits Canada (the leading Canadian publication on employee benefits coverage in this great country of ours), publishes a list of the total employee benefits business that each insurance company has. We’ve put together an infographic of this 2015’s stats – and yes, the numbers are correct.

2015 Canadian Employee Benefits Totals
2015 Canadian Employee Benefits Totals

Almost every insurance company was up between 0.5% and 6.5%. The only exceptions to this were Equitable Life (down a small amount: -0.3%), and Manulife. Manulife was up 11.3%, but this was mainly because they purchased Standard Life, who, in 2014 had $749,000,000 in employee benefits business.

We should mention that there are other insurance companies who are not on this list (Cigna, Group Medical Services, Wawanesa, and others), but they’re all below Assumption Life’s $75,000,000.

Something else to point out – RBC’s $243,000,000 is just life and disability coverage. Their health and dental coverage is with Greenshield.

We promise to update this in the spring of 2017.


About the author 

Chris Gory

Chris Gory is the founder of Orchard Benefits (formerly Insurance Portfolio Financial Services Inc.), a brokerage launched in 1999 that helps companies build the best benefits programs for their employees. Chris is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and works with over 80 startup companies. He is an advisor at the Ryerson DMZ and he's led talks about employee benefits and insurance at several startup accelerators including Extreme Startups, OneEleven, and Ryerson's Startup School. Chris has also been featured in the Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail, and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Applied Client Network, an international association of independent insurance professionals, from 2012-2018.


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