Benefits. Built Differently.

There’s no longer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to traditional plans. Orchard Benefits’ top-tier partnerships offers competitive perks, exclusive rates and flexible packages through our preferred providers.

Collage HR

An advisor-branded digital enrolment platform enabling advisors to solve core benefits admin problems for all of your clients.

Common Wealth

Workplace retirement plans rank as more important than health, life, and dental insurance for recruiting talent.


Give your team more care from the same budget. Curv Health offers employees higher-quality virtual health care and higher engagement than in-clinic care.


Cyno is a platform that offers solutions for all the aspects of employee wellbeing that typical corporate benefits do not cover. And now employees can join their co-workers in various virtual social events every week.


HealthOne Medical and Wellness Centre is a multi-disciplinary practice designed to transform your experience of healthcare by bringing together a comprehensive set of 7 medical practices all under one roof.