Personalized benefits for the startup community. Made simple.

Everyone is looking for the same A-level tech workers - what are you doing differently?

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Stay competitively positioned with the best carriers in the industry.

Boost employee satisfaction. Increase retention rates. Attract premiere talent.

Orchard Benefits saves you time, money – and countless headaches in the process.

Competitive. Cost-effective. Compliant benefit packages.

Protect Your Burn Rate

All startups are conscious of burning through cash. Orchard helps you start with certain cost containment measures to get the coverage you want, with the ability to scale up and add more features when the time is right.

Pick and Choose from Multiple Insurance Carriers

As an independent insurance broker, Orchard Benefits can help you obtain the best coverage, rates, service and products.

Flexible Health Benefits

You have a diverse talent pool with individual needs. Flexible benefits allow your team to focus on wellness benefits that are most valuable to them.

Save Money. Minimize Risk

Orchard Benefits can help you assess all potential funding arrangements and tax legislation, to deliver costs savings, while at the same time minimizing your exposure.

Our Products

Is your broker learning about benefits at the same time you are? You need someone who knows the startup space, what trends are happening in the industry, and how to protect your company in the event of fraud or
employee terminations.

Compare your startup's benefits against the startup-industry standards with our free benchmarking report.

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On-demand substance use support from your phone.

Collage HR

A digital enrolment platform solving admin problems.

ConnectsUs HR

Fast track your small business HR or HR Consulting practice.

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