Confidently navigate the U.S market with our cross-border partnership.

Having a robust health and wellness solution is a top priority when protecting your employees’
mental and physical health.

If you’re hiring new team members in the U.S, then it should be a top priority to have an international
team protecting you.

Orchard Benefits has partnered with U.S-based firm Havern Benefits Strategies.

Attract and retain U.S talent with competitive, cost-effective, and compliant benefit packages.

Support your expanding workforce in the United States with Havern Benefits.

Having a U.S based team means they are on top of current health benefits trends and industry benchmarks, so you don’t have to.
The benefits spend for one U.S employee is equivalent to 10 Canadian employees. Havern works to keep your healthcare costs down with a strategy that protects plan sponsors and plan members.
Havern works with the largest providers in the U.S offering exclusive access to preferred benefits and pricing the general market hasn’t seen.
Their team understands all requirements and underwriting restrictions in every U.S state, so you’re covered no matter where your team is located.
Havern provides top-tier expertise and personalized support by working closely with clients to attract and retain talent.

Stay competitively positioned with our cross-border partnership.

Orchard Benefits protects your team on the Canadian side, and Havern Benefits Strategies covers you in the U.S. This unique partnership has everything to properly grow your company starting with at least two employees in both the Canadian and the U.S markets.