Benefits is all we do.

Orchard Benefits specializes in helping startups and fast-growing companies get the right benefits coverage to meet their budgets and the needs of their employees.

Grounded in customer service and excellence.

Benefits is all we do, which means we have the experience, expertise and insight to get the coverage that works for you – whether your company is embracing benefits for the first time or looking to change an existing plan.

Over 24 years of expertise

The way we work is grounded in customer service and a commitment to help clients make the right choices.
We engage with you on a regular basis to educate and update, rather than touching base
once a year to renew your policy.

Launched in 2000, Orchard Benefits (formerly Insurance Portfolio Financial Services) began doing business with startups after realizing their insurance needs were unique, and needed someone who knew the challenges that the companies faced.

“We work closely with dozens of advisors and organizations across Canada and startups in Toronto’s flourishing tech space.”

What’s the reason behind the name Orchard Benefits?

Short answer: everything.

When you think of an orchard, it conjures up the idea of intentionally planting trees for growth and production to provide a diversity of fresh fruit. It’s robust, offers something for everyone, and is entirely sustainable as long as it is well-maintained.

That’s why it is appropriately named “Orchard Benefits”; for the variety of choices and viability that go into delivering tailor-made benefits coverage for every growing business.

Hitting the mark and staying relevant to this workforce's evolving needs was another key reason behind this name change. Figuring out customizable and scalable solutions that will help empower workers to take better care of their health was, and always will be our driving force.