The employee benefits landscape is shifting.
Is your broker keeping up?

We'll walk you through the complete process with ease by comparing your current plan with our offerings and reveal how much you save every year. Our plans are rooted in data and experience that grow alongside your company — so your team and burn rate are protected.

We handle the logistics — you enjoy the peace of mind.

All the benefits of a modern advisor.
With none of the hassle.

Enjoy total transparency into your coverage that evolves as your startup grows, with guaranteed locked-in rates for life insurance, long-term disability coverage, and health & dental coverage.

Offering fractional HR support tailored to you with benefit orientations, lunch and learns, managing claim issues, enrolling employees, monitoring for fraud, and putting cost containment measures in place.

We’re advocating for your best interests. As an independent insurance broker, Orchard Benefits can help you obtain the best coverage, rates, service, and products.

Orchard Benefits has partnered with Rexall to offer all clients exclusive savings on retail, prescriptions, and free next day delivery. In addition to our partnership with ConnectsUs HR for access to their member-only HR Toolkit and getting free legal advice without breaking the bank through My Friendly Lawyer.

Make the Switch to Orchard with confidence.

We'll walk you through the complete process.

  1. Orchard will compare your current plan with our offerings.
  2. We’ll reveal your potential annual savings and how much work gets taken off your plate.
  3. Our recommendations are rooted in data and experience. We always preach starting small, so it’s not a huge investment, but it’s designed to make actionable changes, and we can ramp up from there to protect your burn rate.

Frequently asked questions

Typically, it will take 5-10 days to change to a new carrier.
Maintain your current coverage at the same price. We can even transition you to a new plan that offers equal or better coverage at an even lower rate.