Collage HR

Introducing the Collage x Orchard Benefits partnership that makes managing your HR – and your employees – a dream. Since Collage was founded in 2016, over 40,000 users have entrusted their products with their HR, payroll, and benefits data.

This digital enrolment platform solves all the core admin problems for plan sponsors – all in one place. Get in touch to learn about our diverse preferred pricing options and how Orchard clients get 10% off of standard Collage rates.

Making HR Easy

Canada’s top SMB employers use Collage HR to manage HR, payroll, and benefits in their business.

Digital employee records

By using Collage to collect and maintain employee data, employers can save time, reduce risk and unlock new HR possibilities for their business. Plus, Collage syncs employee data updates to your benefits and payroll systems!

New hire onboarding & offboarding

Collage turns employee onboarding from a full-day affair into a matter of a few clicks. Never touch paper contracts, benefits forms, or void cheques again.

Time Off & Absence Management

Collage streamlines the process of requesting time off and automatically ensures everyone’s time off balance is always correct and readily available.

Integrated Benefits Plan Management

Put your benefits plan management on autopilot. Collage eliminates paper forms for good, and it syncs your HR data with your benefits provider(s) so you never have to worry about double-entry again.

Recruiting / Applicant Tracking System

Collage streamlines recruiting and hiring new team members so businesses can look more professional, spend less time recruiting, and make better hiring decisions.

Performance Management

Collect powerful employee feedback and conduct various performance reviews between managers, employees, and peers.

Employee Training & Announcements

Keeping track of professional development and compliance-based training programs can be a nightmare for HR administrators. Collage streamlines and centralizes training programs for easy coordination.

Custom Reporting & Permissions

Collage gives you access to all of your employee data and HR insights at your fingertips on any device.

Payroll is not one-size-fits-all

With three different options to help simplify payroll for your clients, you are free to choose the one that suits your needs best!

Take payroll off your to-do list

You have better things to do than payroll

Running payroll takes a lot of time and, importantly, specific knowledge that most businesses don’t have in-house. From managing taxable benefit deductions to preparing ROEs to pay out correct vacation amounts for departing employees, for untrained payroll managers, errors are an inevitability. These errors cost the business time and money and can significantly impact employees and their families.

With other industry platforms, plan sponsors can only use their payroll option – which can be extremely limiting. With Collage, they can choose from several different options, including ADP and Wagepoint. Plus, if a company switches its payroll to Wagepoint, Collage offers a generous 40% discount on Wagepoint costs. It’s a no-brainer!

Luckily, Collage can take the pain away

For Collage HR customers, various services can take the pain out of your payroll processes. From simply syncing your data between platforms to becoming your fully outsourced payroll department. Collage can work with you to identify the right solution for your needs by using a combination of proprietary technology and in-house payroll experts to deliver the outcome everybody wants - payroll that gets done correctly for a low cost and minimum effort.

Use Collage HR to manage your employee data - and your payroll will be done like magic.

Announcing digital benefits management for our clients

Cutting-edge tools to make managing benefits a better experience for you and your plan members.

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of SMB clients experience enrolment errors each year using traditional enrolment.
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is the average error rate in employee enrolment data when using traditional enrolment.
Why switch to online management?
  • One enrolment experience for all of your benefits providers
  • No more paper forms and double-entry
  • No more costly enrolment errors
  • Employee self-serve logins
  • Eligibility, probation, and late enrolment reminders
  • One-click benefits reporting.

Switching to digital enrolment saves you from the frustrating process of dealing with paper forms. But importantly, going digital will also help you save money by eliminating common errors that cost both plan administrators and plan members time and money.

How digital enrollment works:

  • Log into your benefits portal and enter basic info about your new hire(s).
  • When you click ‘send,’ your new employees will receive a link via email to complete their benefits plan enrolment online.
  • When employees submit their enrolment information, our platform will sync their data to all your insurance providers — meaning your work is done! If your new hire needs more time (or forgets) to complete their enrolment, the platform will automatically follow up with them to ensure everything gets done correctly and on time.
"We've found Collage to be a useful, all-in-one HRIS that connects to our payroll system. It also provides a good ATS, and while we've grown out of it, it was super helpful to get us started. This was perfect for getting things off the ground."

- New School Foods