Rippling x Orchard Benefits

Rippling is the #1 all-in-one workforce management platform that allows you to automate and simplify your HR, IT, and Finance systems, putting you on the path to smoother and more straightforward success.

All your HR. One Global Platform.

Rippling lets you manage and automate all of your people operations around the world in one place – from onboarding to offboarding.

Full-Service Global Payroll

Rippling syncs all your business’ HR data with payroll, so you never have to manually calculate or manually enter data, like hours and deductions. Pay employees and contractors in minutes with a modern payroll system with a 100% accuracy guarantee.

Benefits Administration

Easily manage your company’s extended health benefits, life, disability, Group RRSP, and commuter plans with one integrated system. Connect current coverage or shop for new and affordable benefits in minutes. Simplify the onboarding process with expedited automatic enrollment for new hires.

Applicant Tracking

Simplify your entire hiring workflow with powerful candidate sourcing, sophisticated reports, and automated onboarding. Rippling Talent Management gives you the power to find, develop, and engage top talent for your business – all in one modern platform.

Learning Management

Launch any training program in minutes, stay compliant, and automate away busy work. Rippling frees up time for your team by automatically assigning courses to the right employee, tracking their progress, and sending automated reminders so you don’t have to think about it.

Time and Attendance

Automate time tracking from check-in to paycheque, build custom policies to manage your time your way and create smart alerts to resolve issues before they happen.


Automatically send any survey to the right employees at the right time – from onboarding to exit surveys – and trigger follow-up actions based on responses. Then, analyze responses by department, level, location, and any other data in the Employee Graph, and answer the “why?” behind the data in seconds.

One Platform For All Your Employee Data and Operations.

Rippling unifies all your employee systems by connecting them to a single system of record for employee data. It automates your manual work to make employee changes- from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between.

Make it Easy to Manage Your IT

With one integrated solution to securely manage identity, access, and devices, Rippling makes it easy to remotely configure, manage, and protect your employees' computers and apps daily.

Device Management

Rippling is the only system that lets you order, configure, secure, and manage both Macs and PCs in one place. The Rippling Dashboard allows you to manage the entire life cycle of your employees’ devices - 100% remotely.

App & Identity Management

Rippling provides one unified place to set up, manage, and disable all of your employee apps, like Google Workspace, Slack, and Microsoft 365. Rippling Single Sign On software makes your whole company more productive and protected by giving employees centralized, secure, one-click access to all their apps.

Implement in 4 Easy Phases

Choose from three hands-on implementation options to help you set up and configure the Rippling platform and individual products.

  1. Set up company details and onboarding.
  2. Set up payroll and time tracking.
  3. Set up benefits and insurance.
  4. Set up app and device management.

Consolidate Automate Control

Financial Planning Made Simple

Manage expenses, reimburse employees, and pay your bills in one place. Rippling allows you to consolidate systems, gain more control over out-of-policy spend, and automate your busy work.

Expense Management

Automate expenses with complete control. Create expense policies based on any employee data in the company, such as organizational structure or employee level, and assign policies that automatically manage team spending.

Pay Bills

Streamline your bill-paying process by automatically creating bills from invoices and routing them for approval. Rippling Bill Pay allows you to pay your bills accurately, manage your bills from a single location, and close your books faster.


Quickly reimburse employees around the world. Rippling allows you to review expenses in your currency and reimburse employees in theirs. With the world’s most flexible payroll engine, you can run instant and reliable payroll your way.

“ MRG cut their payroll costs by 33% and saved over 1000 administrative hours by switching from ADP to Rippling ”
"Manage your people operations all in one powerful, intuitive system. From payroll to benefits and employee engagement to time tracking, Rippling helps you automate away busy work. Finally, you can focus on the important stuff."

- Your People

Experience the Future of Global Elite Workforce Management with Rippling

Rippling is in the business of helping you work smarter, not harder. With an integrated and easy-to-use system, everything from payroll and benefits to computers and apps is effortlessly manageable in one place.

Rippling’s unique platform capabilities help you optimize HR and IT systems by automating workflows and task completion across your entire company.