Staying True to Our History While Growing with the Times   

Canada is having a tech boom. 

With Toronto creating more tech jobs than Silicon Valley, companies are growing faster, the landscape is evolving, and workers’ needs are dramatically shifting. 

And with potentially four different generations coexisting in the modern workplace at once, it is next to impossible to find a one-size-fits-all approach to benefits coverage.

Amidst all these rapid changes and innovation in the industry, it became apparent that a simplified name with a brand refresh was due to level-set our vision moving forward. 

The Reason Behind the Name 

First off, why Orchard Benefits? What’s the reason behind this? 

Short answer: everything. 

A name is the first piece of information we absorb from someone or something new, and from there we tend to form our perceptions right away. So there was a lot of thought that went into this process—especially when a name has defined the business for almost two decades. 

When you think of an orchard, it conjures up the idea of intentional planting of trees for growth and production to provide a diversity of fresh fruit. It’s robust, it offers something for everyone and is entirely sustainable as long as it is well-maintained. We have always been drawn to this idea and there were a lot of parallels that really resonated with the trajectory of our mission.  

That’s why our brand is being called Orchard Benefits; for the variety of choices and viability that go into delivering tailor-made benefits coverage for every growing business. 

Looking Towards the Next 20 Years 

Hitting the mark and staying relevant to the evolving needs of this workforce was one of the key reasons behind this name change. 

Figuring out customizable and scalable solutions that will help empower workers to take better care of their health was, and always will be, our driving force. 

Benefits programs that focus on recruitment and retention, flexibility, voluntary options, alignment with workplace culture are ultimately ones that revolutionize how we build the new workplace dynamics. 

We are focusing on plans that aim to relieve stress and find balance, offer experiences over items, prioritize development and fuse your company’s values seamlessly together.

With customized and data-driven decisions, the core of our business hasn’t changed, but rather we look to evolve stride-for-stride with the curve of innovation that this country has seen and workers evolving needs now demand. 

Our Vision: Reinvented and Reimagined 

The timing for the brand refresh and rejuvenation seems rather fitting too. 

As we close the chapter on this decade, and having operated under the IPFS umbrella for 19 years, there was a lot of reflecting on how the business and market matured since 2001. 

And it almost seemed enlightening that, as we head into 2020, we were looking at the evolution of Insurance Portfolio Financial Services in hindsight, and how we are seeing the next chapter with clarity, a clear vision and a new name.  

Our past is charting the course for our future—and we look forward to building this next chapter with you.