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Save More. Retire Happy. With Common Wealth

Smart financial choices made easy with an award-winning digital retirement platform.

Financial stress affects workplace motivation.

Employees worrying about their finances on the job will cost Canadian employers more than $40 billion in lost productivity. That’s a loss no one can afford. Employee financial health isn’t just an individual problem – the reality is that it has major implications for businesses. Your team deserves to feel confident about their financial future with a secure retirement strategy. All Canadians deserve financial wellness.

Help your team achieve their retirement goals.

Workplace retirement plans rank more important than health, life, and dental insurance for recruiting talent.

Companies that offer workplace retirement plans can increase employee tenure by up to 5+ years. Common Wealth is the industry’s first low-fee, digital retirement platform that offers affordable group RRSP, TFSA, and DPSP plans that help you attract and retain top talent.

A modern workplace plan.

A great retirement plan is an outstanding benefit for employers and employees. Common Wealth’s Group retirement plans are designed to work for any company of any size, with built-in personalized planning to help empower every member of an organization. With a strong plan, you can reinforce your company’s reputation as a modern employer of choice.

  • Fully digital employee enrollment. Your plan can run within days; members can enroll in about 15 minutes.
  • No investment knowledge is required. Guided education and support are available for teams through group webinars, online content, and in-app suggestions.
  • Flexible contribution and matching. Smart saving and investment features match members to the right savings account and investment portfolio.
  • Employer dashboard to manage users. Online access to add or remove employees from the plan, view contribution amounts, and verify payroll contribution accuracy.

Benefits employees really want.

Use Common Wealth’s innovative platform to easily set up and manage a unique plan with valuable features that members actually want.

Common Wealth delivers insights, education, and enrollment guidance so companies and employees get the most out of their plans.

  • Flexible plan design for any budget. Structure a flexible contribution and matching plan that works for your company’s culture, values, and budget.
  • All retirement accounts are in a single plan. Every plan comes with an RRSP, TFSA, and RRIF account, with the option to add a DDSP for vesting on employer contributions and a Guaranteed Lifetime Income option.
  • Streamlined plan maintenance. Compatible with any payroll system to automatically deduct and invest contributions and handle recordkeeping, investment reporting, and member tax receipts.
  • Employees keep their plans for life. A low-fee plan stays with employees throughout their careers and into retirement so they can continue to grow their savings.

Common Wealth gives employers an easy way to offer a modern plan that supports employees at every stage of retirement.

Save More. Retire Happy. With Common Wealth.

Common Wealth’s Group retirement plans are designed to work for any size company, with a quick and easy way to set up and manage your plan. Common Wealth makes it easy to plan, save, and invest, with RRSP and TFSA accounts in every plan, so your team can maximize their money for retirement – and feel confident about their financial future.

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