Three Ways Toronto Startups are Benefitting from Offering Employee Benefits Plans

These days, employee benefits are an important part of doing business, especially for startups. Fast-growing businesses that take care of their employees are the ones that stand out from the crowd as a great place to work and a highly valuable company. We’ve identified three major benefits of providing startup employees with health plans and asked a couple high-growth Toronto…

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How Canadian Employee Health Benefits Continue to Evolve: What You Need to Know

To all Canadian startups and United States based startups with satellite offices in Canada (now, or in the future), this background information is important to note. Canada is recognized as having one of the best public healthcare systems in the world. The Canadian Government covers basic physician and hospital expenses for all Canadians and provides financial assistance to Canadians who…

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2015 Employee Benefits Companies

Quick question for you: How many different insurance companies are there in Canada, that provide employee benefits coverage? Five? Try again. Ten? Still not there. Twelve? Getting close. Would you believe that there are more than 14? Every April, Benefits Canada (the leading Canadian publication on employee benefits coverage in this great country of ours), publishes a list of the…

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